School of Nursing
Faculty of Health Sciences Queen's University

Jennifer M. Medves

RN, PhD (Alberta)


External Phone: 613-533-2669
Internal Phone: 32669
Office Location: Room 127, Cataraqui Building



The course descriptions for the courses I have taught can be found below:

NURSING 414 Management and Leadership in Health Care. An overview of organizations and an examination of key management and leadership skills that are applied in health care.

NURSING 901 Philosophy of Nursing Science.


My research program has evolved over the last ten years from Sustaining Rural Maternity Care to Nursing in Healthy Rural Workplaces because of projects I have been involved in and my interest to examine the wider context of nursing in rural health care. Sustaining rural maternity care had four components that were linked back into a model under which I undertook a number of projects. However, maternity care does not happen in isolation and my work with rural health care providers made me recognize that the ability to provide maternity care, particularly intrapartum care in hospitals, is integrated into other acute care services including emergency and surgery. The ability of rural facilities to provide care is reliant on a healthy work environment that values the contribution of all care providers and the acceptance and support of patients, their families and the communities.

Philosophically I conduct research from two paradigms: empirical and critical. The studies I have conducted in the last ten years are almost equally balanced between the two. I am not an interpretive researcher but have been lucky to work alongside some very talented interpretive researchers including several at Queen's University. I am most comfortable now in the critical paradigm as I am pragmatic and want to bring about change as a result of the studies. My underlining rationale for every study is 'so what' - that is what would the results of this particular study effect in health care. If there is not a practical application then I seek to find one or alter the protocol, before we start, so that there is a potential outcome that will be useful.

There are five sectors encompassed in the program of research

  1. Safeguarding patients, families, and communities
  2. Nursing beneficence
  3. Interprofessional collaboration
  4. Best evidence for practice
  5. Recruitment and retention


Director of the School of Nursing and Vice-Dean Faculty of Health Sciences

Member of the Provincial Maternal-Newborn Advisory Committee

Member of the Interprofessional Implementation Steering Committee of HealthForceOntario

Member of Senate and serving on the University Council Executive Committee, Alumni Assembly and Human Rights Legislation committee