Nursing Students at the Castle!

Nursing Students at the CastleFive Queen’s Nursing students just completed an intensive six week program in Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Health and Disability at the Bader International Study Centre (BISC) in the U.K.
Before leaving Herstmonceux Castle on June 20, 2015 for their journey back to Canada or onward to further travel, Sam Nelson, Ali Morton, Allison Campbell, Haley Loudoun, and Josee Marchand met with BISC faculty member and retired adjunct Nursing faculty member Jane Johnston to reflect on their experience.

Reasons for choosing the BISC program included a general desire for an international study experience; the applicability of disability studies, community based rehabilitation and interprofessional collaboration to their varied future career interests; and the opportunity to lighten their upcoming fall/winter course load by completing electives in the spring/summer term. Required interprofessional education embedded in their Nursing Science curriculum provided a foundation and introduction to key course concepts.

While expressing some nervousness about the 4th year level of the program, everyone felt they rose to the challenge. The students commented on the benefits of small group seminar style classes in facilitating participation and building confidence. “I participated here. I had never put my hand up in class before”.

The students reflected on how the program opened their eyes to look at clinical situations in the context of a broader, global perspective where research, new evidence and policy change can have a real impact. “We are learning the tools for making change”. The experience confirmed some areas of future practice and also generated interest and confidence in post graduate study. “Visiting the World Health Organization confirmed that I don’t want to work in policy. I want to be working with patients.”

“I thought I was done with school. I see how important research is in creating change. “I am more and more curious about policy I am thinking of a Master’s degree in that field.”
Interdisciplinary Studies In Global Health and Disability will be offered again at BISC in Spring 2016.

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