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75th Anniversary This year, 2016, is a very exciting time for the School as we celebrate the 75th anniversary. Since the School was approved in 1941 the number of programs have increased and changed to meet the needs of the Canadian population and the scope of practice of nurses at the entry to practice level of the Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioners.

Nursing as a profession and discipline is constantly evolving and pride ourselves on being responsive and maintaining high standards of education and preparing nurses for practice. Changes in technology allow us to offer many different modalities for learning while still maintaining small class sizes and opportunities for students to interact with faculty and staff. We always offer a number of work place opportunities for undergraduate students – particularly in the nursing laboratories.

We are having a number of events over the year to celebrate the anniversary and we will welcome alumni both recent and those who have been in practice for many years to the School. We welcome those who are thinking about nursing as a career to come and visit – please phone ahead to make sure we have someone to answer your questions. Our by line is Caring to Learn: Learning to Care and this theme is evident through all of our programs.

Jennifer Medves, RN, PhD
Vice-Dean (Health Sciences), Director of the School of Nursing

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