Dr. Katie Goldie funded through a CIHR Project grant

Published Thu May 18/17 12:00pm.

Dr. Katie Goldie is part of a research team that will receive funding through the recent CIHR Project Grant competition for the project entitled 'A knowledge synthesis and integrated knowledge translation project on interventions to improve emergency department use for mental health reasons'.  

In the current healthcare context where financial and human resources are limited, the burden of unnecessary and inappropriate emergency department use is apparent. This has implications at all levels including for patients, healthcare professionals, and policy-makers, and decreasing emergency department visits is now a highly visible healthcare priority. In response, researchers and clinicians have attempted to develop interventions to streamline emergency department use for mental health-related reasons. Several primary studies describe the effects of these interventions and yet no consensus exists on the optimal approach, including quality of development, effectiveness, and economic considerations. The project aims to systematically review interventions designed to improve appropriate use of the emergency department for mental health reasons. 

The study is led by Dr. Amanda Vandyk at the University of Ottawa. She will benefit from the expertise of Drs. Mark Kaluzienski, Matthew T. Gilmour, Katie L. Goldie, Ian D. Graham, Jeremy Kronick and Yehudis Stokes.

Congratulations to the entire team!

Dr. Kevin Woo awarded a CIHR Planning and Dissemination grant

Published Tue May 02/17 3:00pm.
Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Woo, for his recent success at the CIHR Planning and Dissemination - Institute Community Support competition. Dr. Woo and team were awarded funds for their project entitled 'Management of ischemic pain in older people with lower extremity artery disease: developing a consensus document.

Dr. Mona Sawhney awarded a Women's Giving Circle Health Sciences grant

Published Wed Apr 26/17 9:00am.
Dr. Mona Sawhney was awarded the funds for the project 'Does Pain Predict Recovery and Healthcare Use Following Short stay Total Joint Arthroplasty for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis'. Mona Sawhney will be working with Drs. Elizabeth VanDenKerkhof, Mark Harrison, Melanie Jaeger and Susan Vasilly on the project.

Arthritis affects one in five Canadians, making it the 3rd most common chronic health condition. People suffering from arthritis experience joint pain, stiffness, swelling and decreased function. One of the ways to reduce joint pain and improve functioning for patients with osteoarthritis (the most common form of arthritis) of the hip and knee is through total joint replacement  surgery. In the past 10 years, length of stay after total joint replacement surgery has become shorter and shorter. Dr. Sawhney and team will examine the relationship between pain and health care utilization for the first six weeks following short stay total joint replacement surgery for the treatment of knee and hip osteoarthritis.

Dr. Kevin Woo awarded the 2017 Journal of Wound Care Professional Education Award

Published Tue Mar 07/17 8:00am.
Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Woo from the Queen's School of Nursing, who was awarded the Journal of Wound Care Professional Education Award!

This Professional Education award recognizes clinicians and teams who have contributed towards enhancing and sharing best practice, rolling out and establishing competency programmes or delivering successful health-care campaigns that impact on patient care and support government initiatives.

The black tie award ceremony took place in London, England on Friday March 3rd 2017.

Drs. Marian Luctkar-Flude and Deborah Tregunno funded through an eCampus Ontario grant

Published Tue Feb 28/17 3:00pm.

Drs. Marian Luctkar-Flude and Deborah Tregunno are part of a research team that will receive funding through an eCampus Ontario grant to investigate the cost effectiveness of using computer simulation in nursing education.

The project is being led by Dr. Jane Tyerman (Trent University), and Dr. Luctkar-Flude and Dr. Tregunno from Queen’s School of Nursing are the co-principal investigators. Dr. Rylan Egan, Director of the Office of Health Sciences Education at Queen’s is a co-investigator. Other institutions involved include Nipissing University, the University of Ottawa and York University.

More information on the Queen's Gazette.

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