Katie Goldie

Katie Goldie
  • BNSc (Queen’s) MSc (Queen’s) PhD (University of British Columbia)
  • Assistant Professor
  • Telephone: 613-533-6000 ext 74766
  • E-Mail: katie.goldie@queensu.ca

Faculty Bio

Graduate Student Supervision

I am currently accepting MNSc and PhD students.


I am currently teaching the following courses in the undergraduate program:

N325: Complex Psychosocial and Mental Health Issues and Advanced Therapeutic Processes

N490: Independent Studies in Nursing

Teaching philosophy: I promote learning among my students by recognizing individual strengths and foster professional development through multiple teaching modalities that challenge and satisfy a variety of learning styles. I collaborate with students to provide varied and interesting learning experiences in an inclusive and equitable learning environment that utilizes technology as a learning tool. I actively engage my students by challenging them to make increasingly complex decisions by providing tangible connections between course content and clinical practice. I also value incorporating current, high quality, interdisciplinary research findings into my lectures and course content. 


My program of research is focused on investigating methods to prevent or mitigate the effects of chronic disease (i.e. cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes) among people suffering from mental health disorders. My dissertation work explored the positive association between cardiovascular risk and disease among people with mental health disorders using data from the Canadian Community Health Survey. Several interesting findings emerged from this work, including the need for a renewed focus on the antecedents to poor physical health in this population and development of effective preventative interventions offered by nurses in clinical settings. I am specifically interested in preventative treatment approaches (smoking cessation and exercise interventions), nursing roles in the delivery of preventative services, and psychotropic medication monitoring. I have conducted a variety of research studies using multiple methodologies that utilize clinical and administrative data and continue to pursue this line of research. My projects primarily fall under the Queen’s Nursing and Health Research cluster of Populations with Complex Health Conditions.


  • Expert panel member for the revision of the Best Practice Guideline for the “Integrating smoking cessation into daily nursing practice” for the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario
  • Queen’s School of Nursing Renewal, Tenure and Promotion Committee
  • Queen’s School of Nursing Undergraduate Curriculum Committee



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