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Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Program Delivery Frequently Asked Questions for BNSc and AST students

While the university is anticipating we still will be under physical distancing restrictions come September, the School of Nursing is working closely with the Faculty of Health Sciences, Queen’s University, our hospitals and KFLA Public Health to develop plans for how we might offer a hybrid approach to our program delivery.

This means that we are likely to deliver online teaching and learning, virtually-staged events and activities with the potential addition of in-person activities that follow physical distancing protocols. The degree of in-person activity will be determined on a course by course basis, informed by both curricular requirements and Public Health regulations.

Our faculty and staff are already well underway in building a remote experience that reflects the high quality of our nursing program. Whether we are delivering online or modified in-person activity, we will strive to maintain the excellent teaching, experiential learning, and community aspects of our program that are so important.

For the incoming classes of 2022 (AST) and 2024 (four year track) we will continue to share updates as our plans develop, and we commit to ensuring that you’re ready and fully prepared to begin your studies come September. We are looking forward to welcoming you into the School of Nursing.

Please review our FAQs below and let us know if you have questions by email at


Q. How will courses, clinical placements, labs and other elements of the nursing program be delivered?

We expect that there will be a mix of on-site activity and online learning in fall 2020. The suspension on on-site labs and clinical placements has been lifted; for those students who have courses in fall 2020 that involve lab work or clinical placements, we expect that they will proceed as planned, with some adjustments to ensure the safety of all stakeholders.


Q. Will residences be open this fall?

With continued input from Public Health, we are assessing how physical distancing requirements can be implemented in our residence buildings. We know you have a lot of questions about residence availability and operations. We do not have all the answers yet, but will share information as soon as we have it. We ask for your patience as we continue to plan for the fall term.


Further information is available on the Queen’s Residence website.


Q: Will there be any dining services open on campus?

The University will be providing guidance as to whether dining services will be open, or to what degree.

Further information is available on the Queen’s Hospitality Services website


Q: What University Services will be provided?

All of Queen’s services and support centres are planning for remote delivery for Fall 2020 to continue to provide all services provided by Queen’s that you know and expect. This will include a combination of webinars and videos, online material on websites, and live counselling by video conferencing. If you are concerned about your ability to access a particular service, we recommend that you go to their website to learn about the specific plans of those services.


Q: How will Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources (SOAR) be delivered?

The University is planning for remote delivery of SOAR this Summer, which will include a combination of live webinars/Q&As with professors, provision of online material by the program and university as a whole, as well as interactive online modules and videos.


Q. Will there be orientation for incoming undergraduate and graduate students?

The university and student leaders are planning imaginative virtual orientation events for summer 2020 to ensure incoming students can meet their peers, stay connected throughout the term, and be welcomed into the Queen’s community.

We will work to find opportunities for more traditional orientation events for our new classes when restrictions on social gatherings are lifted.