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School of Nursing Fall 2021 Updates

August 12, 2021 Update: Please note that Queen's University requires all faculty, staff, students, and visitors to campus to be fully vaccinated, or have plans in place to become fully vaccinated, prior to the beginning of the fall term. To learn more about this announcement please visit the Queen's Return to Campus information page here.

The School of Nursing anticipates in-person nursing classes in fall and all labs and seminars will also be in-person though some Faculty and Arts and Sciences classes may continue to be held online. We are excited to return to in-person classes! Should this situation change, you will be notified using your email.  Your safety is important to us and we will be following all recommendations from Public Health as we prepare for the upcoming school year.

As with many students beginning the first year of university, you may be moving to a new city to start the next phase of your education. We want to help you feel at home at Queen’s and in the School of Nursing. Your Nursing Science Society is planning virtual events and activities for Orientation Week. You will receive more detailed information from nursing students in upper years, who are planning an exciting program.

We are looking forward to welcoming you into the School of Nursing. Please review our FAQs below and let us know if you have questions by email at For Faculty-specific Fall 2021 information, please visit Faculty of Health Sciences website. For Queen's campus-wide updates please visit the University's web page.


Fall 2021 Program Delivery Frequently Asked Questions for BNSc students

Q. Will residences be open this fall?

Further information is available on the Queen’s Residence website.


Q: What University Services will be provided?

Queen's University's campus-wide updates on the 2021-22 academic year will be shared on the Queen's central page as more information is available. If you are concerned about your ability to access a particular service, we recommend that you go to their website to learn about the specific plans for those services this Fall.


Q: How will Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources (SOAR) be delivered?

The University is planning for remote delivery of SOAR this Summer, which will include a combination of live webinars/Q&As with professors, provision of online material by the program and university as a whole, as well as interactive online modules and videos. please visit to learn more.

The university and student leaders are planning imaginative virtual orientation events for summer 2021 to ensure incoming students can meet their peers, stay connected throughout the term, and be welcomed into the Queen’s community. We will work to find opportunities for more traditional orientation events for our new classes when restrictions on social gatherings are lifted.