Graduate Diploma in Pain Care

The Graduate Diploma in Pain Care program is an eight month, part-time blended program for practicing healthcare professionals that have a desire to provide comprehensive pain care in their current practice and/or who wish to become experts in pain within their work environment. Graduates may also choose to work in areas specifically related to pain care, e.g., Chronic Pain Clinics, Acute Pain Management Services.

The program provides in-depth theoretical and clinical knowledge that will enhance the ability of healthcare professionals to provide quality care related to pain care. The program is interdisciplinary and includes faculty from various disciplines, including: nursing, anesthesiology and preoperative medicine, biomedical and molecular sciences, rehabilitation therapy, and psychology. Four courses are offered online, and the fifth course is a 1-week on-site integrated interprofessional course using simulation laboratories at Queen’s University. The final course focuses on applying the theoretical concepts learned during the online courses to clinical scenarios in a clinical simulation environment to further learners’ understanding of the application of best practices in pain care.