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Hibah Bahri

I am currently in the third year of the PhD program and my supervisor is Deborah Tregunno.  I completed a BNSc at the King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, and a MScN at the University of British Columbia with specialization in Nursing Education.  My research interests include examining nursing education paradigms and the use of simulation in nursing education in Saudi Arabia.  The integration and utilization of innovative teaching methodologies and simulation-based pedagogy in clinical nursing education is my passion.

During my studies, I have gained more knowledge and skills regarding the implementation of teaching stragegies in academic settings as well as health care agencies.  I am fascinated with the entire teaching process from understanding the conceptual foundations of higher education to the methods of effective teaching and mentoring.  I believe that focused teaching must rest on core values and key concepts and processes related to nursing theory, research and leadership.