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Deborah Tregunno DN, BSc, MHSA, PhD
 Deborah Tregunno
Associate Professor
Contact Info
613-533-6000 ext 74742

Graduate Student Supervision

Doctoral Students:

Sandra Felice

Idevania Costa

Kathryn Halverson

Hibah Bahri

Masters Students:

Evan Keys

Not currently accepting students



Currently teaching the following courses:

  • N902 Qualitative Methods (F)
  • N862 Healthcare Management Systems (W)
  • HQRS845 Organizational Behaviour in Healthcare (F)


Dr. Tregunno strives to create a safe and inclusive learning environment. She uses a variety of strategies to engage students, drawing on her extensive healthcare career as a way to bridge theory and practice. Her courses are designed to enhance collaborative learning, including small group work and peer instruction. Dr. Tregunno has been recognized for her innovative approaches to nursing teaching and learning through the 2014 COUPN Innovation in Nursing Education award and the 2017 CASN Excellence in Nursing Education (tenured faculty) award.



Dr. Tregunno’s research has focused on patient safety and she has examined complex organizational issues such as patient safety culture, best practices for elder care, and improvement in teamwork and patient outcomes for high risk obstetrical patients. More recently, she is focusing on the question of professional identity formation, and the delivery of compassionate care by all healthcare professionals. Current projects involve the use of narrative practice to enhance healthcare provider resilience. She is also exploring the junction of medical humanities, narrative practice and the environment, to develop a better understanding of the use of narrative to address vocational re-engagement. She is the recipient of a 2016/17 Associated Medical Services Phoenix Fellowship and the 2016/17 Vogan Fellowship in Nursing.



  • School of Nursing Tenure, Promotion and Renewal Committee (CHAIR)
  • School of Nursing Research Committee
  • School of Nursing Nomination Committee
  • Phoenix at Queen’s