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Dr. Katie Goldie standing in a spotlight on a black stage, speaking animatedly

The Gift of a Better Death | QHS 5 à 7 Research Talks

What is a good death? Queen's Nursing faculty member Dr. Katie Goldie recently posed this question to the audience of November's Cinq à Sept Research Talks. Dr. Goldie’s research reveals why all Canadians can benefit from universal and equitable access to palliative care. In her engaging and at times deeply personal talk, she argues that palliative care not only provides compassionate end of life care but can sometimes help people live longer and better. Dr. Goldie tackles some of the myths and misconceptions around dying and death and why we all need to talk about it.

This is a talk you will want to share with your close family and friends, to open up this important conversation. 

Founded by Queen's Health Sciences and sponsored by The City of Kingston, Cinq à Sept Research Talks are inspired by the French tradition of gathering at the end of the workday. Talented researchers headline each Cinq à Sept, which delivers engaging, TED-style talks in front of an audience of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members. A reception following each Research Talk sparks connection and collaboration—an integral component of the strategic plan for Queen’s Health Sciences: Radical Collaboration for a Healthier World

You can watch Dr. Goldie's full talk on youtube and we invite you to visit the Cinq à Sept website to register to attend a talk in-person.