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How to Apply

When applying to Queen’s University’s nursing program:

  1. Submit your application to the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) website (Application Deadline February 1)
    and indicate that you would like to apply as an Indigenous candidate.
  2. Complete and hand in your Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) and/or supplementary essay
    • Completion of the PSE is optional-but recommended. While we recommend that all applicants submit a PSE, applicants who have not submitted a PSE will be considered equally for admission to Queen’s. Your siblings or friends might tell you it's mandatory. It's now optional but strongly recommended. For applicants who fall within a critical range, we may consider your PSE, in support of your application to the program.
    • The recommended last date to submit the PSE is February 15.
    • To review see the steps for submitting your PSE, please click here.
  3. Queen's Indigenous Recruitment and Admission Representative will contact you and ask you to fill out a letter that proves your interest in applying under this policy, as well as provide the following additional documentation:
    • Proof of Indigenous ancestry. This proof can appear as any of the following:
      • Copy of Certificate of Indian Status
      • Copy of Certificate of Indian Status of mother or father;
      • Letter from home community's band council confirming membership;
      • Copy of Metis Nation card;
      • Copy of Inuit Beneficiary Card
      • Letter from Indigenous and Northern Affairs confirming Indian Status (For Bill C-3 applicants)
        • If you do not have documentation of your Indigenous ancestry, you can submit a letter of reference from the First Nation, band council, tribal council, treaty authorities or community or organizational affiliates that indicates that they have awareness of you Indigenous Ancestry and how you have been actively involved with the organization 
    • For letters of intent and documentation, please submit to:   Lisa Doxtator, Aboriginal Community Outreach Liason  -

For one-on-one guidance about applying through the Indigenous Admission Policy:

Lisa Doxtator, Queen's Indigenous Recruitment and Admission Representative

Key dates for your OUAC application can be found here. For more information on submitting your OUAC application, please click here.