Welcome to the School of Nursing

It is a cold and snowy January day. We are pleased to welcome Dr Catherine Goldie who started on faculty as an assistant professor on January 1st. Please wish her well in her new position. In total, the School of Nursing faculty are pleased to being able to offer programs to 576 students. We now have one year before the launch of our 75th anniversary celebrations. We have three events booked throughout the year and hope that you will take the opportunity to join us. There will also be visiting scholar visits throughout the year – details will be posted. The deadline for admission to the advanced standing track entry class of 2015 is now closed. The deadline for the four year program is February 1st 2015. There is time still left to apply for graduate programs and we encourage nurses who are interested to contact the Associate Director Graduate Nursing Programs for information. I wish everyone best wishes and hope that you will take full advantage of the many opportunities that are offered at Queen’s.

Dr. Jennifer Medves – Vice Dean (Health Sciences) and Director of the School of Nursing

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