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Dr. Pilar Camargo Plazas PhD, RN
Dr. Pilar Camargo Plazas
Associate Professor
Contact Information
613.533.6000 ext: 75690

Graduate Student Supervision

I am not currently accepting PhD or MNSc students.


I approach my teaching activities with three primary goals: a) to educate students at the cutting edge of planning research and practice; b) to recognize and engage with diverse student learning styles; and c) to continuously improve my teaching to meet student needs. I accomplished these goals by planning classes that draw on high quality materials and that enhance students learning experience. My approach to teaching with students is rather simple, since I see myself as a facilitator of their learning goals. This facilitation process creates a unique and more inclusive learning environment in which students are active in dialogue and collaboration to learn effectively and gain knowledge.


Under the umbrella of a social justice paradigm, my research program combines the tenets of interpretive and emancipatory research approaches to explore health and social inequities in diverse populations (e.g., seniors, women, individuals living on a low-income, immigrants, and people with chronic illness) and healthcare practices within these populations.  I use the social determinants of health (SDH) and their contributions to population health to understand the complex role that overlapping social structures and economic systems play in the health and well-being of vulnerable groups and our nursing practice at local, provincial, and global levels. My research program entails three interrelated components: population, practice and global component. The integration of these three components is a crucial axis in the development of research to tackle inequities with the corresponding populations.

Current active research projects 2021

Population component

Camargo Plazas, P., Tregunno, D., Duhn, L., Costa, I. & Alvarado, B. (2019-2022). Re-visioning self-care management for seniors living with diabetes: A community consultation. Source: CIHR-IA Planning Role: PI. Amount: $19,250

Camargo Plazas, P., Duhn, L., Tranmer, J., Aldersey, H., Kirova, A. & Pare, G. (2018-2022). Thriving in Canada: Learning from the (photo) voices of immigrant women engaged in action research to improve access to health & social services. Source: SSHRC-IDG Role: PI Amount: $54,297

Camargo Plazas, P. Understanding how the social determinants of health affect the experience of access to healthcare services. Source: Research Initiation Grant, School of Nursing, Queen’s University Role: PI Amount: $15,000

Duhn L. & Camargo Plazas P. (2018-2021). Citizen/patient engagement in health and social services—Are we being inclusive of all viewpoints in our understanding of partnered involvement? Source: SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG)— Explore Grant competition. Role: Co-Inv. Amount: $ 5,000

Costa I., Camargo Plazas P., Koné Péfoyo, A. & Tregunno D. (2019-2022). Exploring diabetes status and the impact of care management and social determinants of health on diabetes-related outcomes in the Norwestern community: A mixed method study. Source: Senate Research Committee CIHR—Research Development Fund, Lakehead University. Role: Co-Inv. Amount: $7,000

Practice component

Camargo Plazas P., Philpott, J., Duhn, L., Brillinger, S. (2020-2022). Opening all the Boxes: Unpacking the Lived Experience of Frontline Providers during a COVID-19 Outbreak through Art-based Research. Source: SSHRC-PEG program. Role: PI. Amount: $24,977

Global component

Mueses H., Alvarado B., Arrivillafa M., Galindo J., Gomez S., Hurtado L., Martinez E., Camargo Plazas P., Martinez J. & Torres J. (2020-2022). Situational Analysis for the implementation of PrEP in Colombia: A mixed-methods design study. Source: MINCIENCIAS, Colombia. Role: Co-Inv. Amount: $200,000

Martínez, J. (PI), Camargo Plazas, P. & Alvarado, B. (2020-2022). Consulting and engaging MSM and transgender women for a situational analysis of HIV PrEP in Colombia.  Source: CIHR-Planning Grant. Role: Co-PI. Amount: $19,250