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Riley Filion MSc, RN
 Riley Filion
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I began teaching in 2014 and joined the faculty full-time in 2018. I teach in the undergraduate program in all years. I coordinate the students’ first clinical placement in second year. I am a clinical and lab instructor, as well as a faculty advisor, supporting and supervising 4th year nursing students in their integrated practicum.

My personal nursing experience lies in acute medical/surgical and critical care. In my role at Queen’s, I spend a lot of time with students in the clinical setting. I believe my role is to introduce students to a new environment and to help them navigate novel patient experiences. I strive to help students develop an inquisitive nature and to uphold fundamental values such as compassion and empathy.


Master of Science in Aging and Health. The focus of my literature review was on ‘The Experiences of Nursing Students in Caring for the Aging Population’.


Co-Chair Awards Committee

Graduate Student Supervision

I am not currently accepting graduate students.