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Dr. Christina Godfrey PhD, RN
Dr. Christina  Godfrey
Associate Professor
Contact Information
613-533-6000 ext. 78760


I am currently teaching in the Master of Science (Primary Health Care Nursing) program, the NURSING 898 - Project in Evidence-Based Practice. In this course students have the opportunity to conduct a systematic review on a topic of their choice, relevant to primary care. I support and mentor the students as they progress through the systematic review process and complete their reviews.

I also teach community health promotion in the undergraduate program. In this course students undertake a project in the community. 

I provide guest lecturer sessions to describe the Queen's Collaboration for Health Care Quality and the role of integrative research. 


My passion is integrative research. The science of synthesis is an emerging methodology and we are constantly learning more about how to integrate different levels and types of evidence. As we expand our skills and techniques with this methodology, we will improve our ability to provide the best available evidence for practice and increase our contribution to the scholarship of nursing.

As Co-Director/Methodologist for the Queen's Collaboration for Health Care Quality (QcHcQ) I am responsible for the methodological quality of all QcHcQ systematic reviews, development of quality measures, and formulation of detailed protocol toolkits for the QcHcQ team and review panels. Further to this I oversee all syntheses, act as lead reviewer for designated reviews, and provide methodological support to reviewers, partners, and students.

My research program is emerging with a focus on the management of chronic disease and how healthcare practitioners can support individuals in their engagement of self-care behaviours. This focus builds on my PhD thesis, a multi-phase, multi-method enquiry on self-care, in which I clarified the concept from theoretical and practical perspectives (concept analysis, systematic review, content analyses of definitions). My research program has two major foci: 1) methods for amalgamating evidence on care concepts such as self-care; and 2) implementing studies using evidence for improving self-care.