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Graduate Programs

Welcome to Graduate Programs in the School of Nursing at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We offer a PhD program, three master’s programs and a diploma program that are all geared to help you build your clinical and research capacity while preparing you to be a leader in your area of specialty. You will work with faculty who are national and international leaders in health care and nursing. Our faculty are inspiring and committed to the discipline: the world’s best scholars, impressive professional development opportunities, and life in the affordable, historic waterfront city of Kingston, Queen’s offers a wonderful environment for graduate studies.

A graduate degree from our school will give you well-developed skills in critical thinking and writing, advanced knowledge in research and nursing practice, and perhaps even more importantly, the skills to facilitate change in today’s health care system. Graduate students and their work are an important part of an ongoing knowledge creation process that provides our health care system with ways of understanding phenomena using multiple ways of knowing. Today’s employment marketplace seeks people with advanced skills who can critically analyze information and evidence, synthesize in both scholarly and public reports, create new knowledge, and lead change and transformation.

Explore the programs we offer at the Queen’s School of Nursing: please watch our video below and contact us with questions. Stop by for a chat or message us – we are always happy to meet potential students!


- Dr. Rosemary Wilson

Associate Director (Graduate Nursing Programs)  

Program Highlights

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