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Jennie McNichols MN, RN
 Jennie McNichols
Lecturer, Renewable Term Adjunct
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I began teaching within the clinical and laboratory setting in 2017 and joined the faculty full-time in 2022. My teaching responsibilities expand across all years of the undergraduate program. Currently I coordinate the health assessment labs for first year students and instruct clinical and labs at the second, third- and fourth-year level. I also currently lecture the final theoretical course in the undergraduate program Current Issues in Nursing and Health Care.

My personal clinical nursing experience is within the acute medical/surgical and critical care setting. A large portion of my time is spent with students learning hands-on clinical skills while developing critical thinking abilities. I aim to provide a high level of support and challenge students to think of the intricate personal patient experience. I feel it is imperative to enable students to develop within their own personality as a nurse, while upholding the standards of nursing practice.


Master of Nursing in Health Systems Leadership and Administration. My scoping review focused on the successful mentorship and transition of newly graduated nurses into the novice registered nurse role.