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Issues in Health Care

Bioethics in Healthcare

MODULE 1: Foundations in Bioethics (6 h)

Authors- Erin Holder & Megan Edgelow

MODULE 2: Ethical Decision Making (6 h)
Authors- Megan Edgelow & Erin Holder

MODULE 3: Issues in Client Autonomy (6 h)
Author- Erin Holder

MODULE 4: Communication & Conflict Resolution (7.5 h)
Author- Erin Holder

MODULE 5: Resource Allocation in Healthcare (4.5 h)
Author- Megan Edgelow

MODULE 6: Community Care Ethics (6 h)
Author- Megan Edgelow


Theresa Bernard, BA
- Curriculum Design Assistant

Hannah Kaufman, MHSc (Bioethics)
- Bioethicist

Dr. Margo Paterson
- Professor, School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Director of OIPEP, Queen’s University

Dr. Jennifer Medves
- Vice Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor and Director, School of Nursing, Queen’s University

Curriculum Developers

Megan Edgelow, MSc(RHBS), BSc(OT), OT Reg.(Ont.)
Erin Holder, BA (Hons.)

Recommended Citation:

Edgelow, M. & Holder, E. (2012). Healthcare Issues – Interprofessional Course Series:  Bioethics in Healthcare. Curriculum developed for the Faculty of Health Sciences. Kingston: Queen’s University.

This interprofessional curriculum development project has been funded by a Queen’s University Reinvestment Funds. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the University.