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About QcHcQ

Queen’s Collaboration for Health Care Quality:
A JBI Centre of Excellence

Established in 2004 (and known at the time as the Queen’s Joanna Briggs Collaboration – QJBC), QcHcQ was the first North American collaborating centre of JBI. QcHcQ was initially formed as an academic-clinical practice partnership with South Eastern Ontario Health Sciences Centre to promote the use of best available evidence in nursing practice in one Ontario region. What began as a demonstration project supported through a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care became a regionally developed academic-practice model driven by local practice priorities to improve health care delivery. Further funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health and an active partnership with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Accreditation Canada supported work from 2009-2014.

QcHcQ has evolved into an active and productive model focused on knowledge translation. QcHcQ was renamed in 2016 and classified as a JBI Centre of Excellence. To qualify as a JBI Centre of Excellence, a group must meet a comprehensive set of practice standards, make an active contribution as authors and peer reviewers of systematic reviews, advance the science of synthesis, promote scholarship and implementation of best practices. The firm foundation established with practice partners over the preceding years provides a solid basis for a pan-Canadian partnership in the area of patient care quality.

As an emerging leader in integrated knowledge translation, QcHcQ supports knowledge creation, capacity building, knowledge exchange, and policy development.

International JBI

JBI is a global organisation promoting and supporting evidence-based decisions that improve health and health service delivery. JBI offers a unique range of solutions to access, appraise and apply the best available evidence.

JBI is driven to improving health outcomes in communities globally by promoting and supporting the use of the best available evidence to inform decisions made at the point of care. This work begins and ends with the needs of those working in and using healthcare services. JBI responds to their questions and provides high quality, reliable information that is pragmatic and useful where it counts. This information is based on evidence that is feasible, appropriate, meaningful and effective to specific populations and settings. JBI achieves this by working with universities and hospitals from across the globe through the JBI Collaboration. In doing so, JBI ensures that the research evidence we seek to synthesise, transfer and implement is culturally inclusive and relevant across the diversity of healthcare internationally. JBI promotes and supports the sustainability of improved healthcare practice and health outcomes globally by developing and delivering a range of unique evidence-based resources, software, education and training.

JBI Americas Region (ISSNA) annual business planning session 2016  - pausing for a group picture at the Kingston Yacht Club