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Academic Series

Academic series is a venue for faculty, students and stakeholders guest speakers to present and discuss their research endeavors or scholarly activities with the Queen’s community. It is held every two weeks during the academic year. 
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October 17, 2022

Title: Navigating the transition from primary cancer treatment: Partnering with gynecological cancer survivors to develop a supportive resource
Presenter: Dr. Jacqueline Galica
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November 14, 2022

Title: Understanding the COVID-19 Ontario Infection Prevention and Control SWAT Team Experience in Longterm Care Through Poetry and Art
Presenter: Drs. Mona Sawhney & Sheila O’Keefe-McCarthy
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January 23, 2023

Title: The status and evolution of virtual nursing practice: A comparative case study in primary care
Presenter: Crystal Vaughan
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February 13, 2023

Title: Examining the Contributions of Canadian Undergraduate Nursing Education to Registered Nurses’ Readiness to Practice within Primary Care Settings: A Doctoral Research Project
Presenter: Deanne Curnew
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March 20, 2023

Title: Navigating tensions & transcending physical experiences: A qualitative Synthesis about Planned Home Unassisted Births
Presenter: Dr. Danielle Macdonald
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Sept 20, 2021

Title: Working together: A vision for engagement - faculty, students, & staff
Presenter: Dr. Erna Snelgrove-Clarke
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Oct 4, 2021

Title: Integrated Transitional Care to Promote Aging in Place
Presenter: Jake Tran and Dr. Kevin Woo
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Oct 18, 2021

Title: Use of health administrative data to address relevant practice problems: the student experience
Presenter: Dr. Joan Tranmer and graduate students Julia Hews-Girard, Allyson Kern and Sarah Moore-Vasram
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Nov 1, 2021

Title: Defining key concepts in cancer care and cancer illness in Canada's Indigenous Communities
Presenter: Markirit Armutlu
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Nov 15, 2021

Title: Amplifying the perspectives and experiences of students with disabilities in Ethiopia to support educational reform
Presenter: Hiwot Mekuanent, Dr. Angela Coderre-Ball, Dr. Rylan Egan
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Jan 17, 2022

Title: Cultural Humility Addressing Racism and Microaggressions
Presenter: Dr. Mona Sawhney
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Jan 31, 2022

Title: The big challenge out here is getting stuff: Using photovoice to explore diabetes self-management for seniors in a rural community in Ontario
Presenter: Dr. Pilar Camargo Plazas
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Feb 14, 2022

Title: Using evidence to direct care: "Lesson learned during COVID-19"
Presenter: Dr. Christina Godfrey & Dr. Kim Sears
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Feb 28, 2021

Title: Implementing research evidence in healthcare practice: Strategies for behaviour change
Presenter: Dr. Erna Snelgrove-Clarke
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Mar 14, 2022

Title: Collective Consensual Analysis: Sharing learning and insights from an Indigenous Kidney Health Research Initiative
Presenter: Dr. Mary Smith, Dr. Vanessa Silva e Silva, & Jovina Concepcion Bachynski
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Mar 28, 2022

Title: Measuring Resilience in High Reliability Organizations: The Relationship Between Strategic Workforce Planning and Patient Safety Outcomes
Presenter: Jennifer Yoon and Dr. Aleksandra Zuk
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Other funded projects

Reimaging Diabetes Self-Management Education for Seniors in rural Ontario through a Participatory Knowledge Exchange Process: Leveraging Lived Experiences for Current Priorities, Strategies for Change, and New Directions

Funding body: CIHR Planning and Dissemination

Research team: Camargo-Plazas P, Tranmer J, Duhn L, Costa I, Alvarado B, Robertson M, Bleah P, Bachynski J, Moore-Vasram S, Krause D, Bigelow J, Moody L.




Indigenous communities’ engagement towards creating harmony in cardiovascular, kidney and mental health promotion

Funding body: New Frontiers in Research Fund – Exploration

Research team: Bello A, Oudit G, Schick-Makaroff K, Smith M


Social prescribing, allyship, and community engagement for the evolution of health (SPACE for Health): Laying the foundation for collaboration and co-creation. 

Funding body: CIHR Planning and Dissemination

Research team: Egan R, McGarity-Shipley E


Promoting organizational compassion to mitigate post-traumatic stress within healthcare contexts. 

Funding body: CIHR Planning and Dissemination

Research team: Galica J, Neumann-Fuhr D, Almost J, Donnelly C, Ross-White A, Snelgrove-Clarke E


The effect of exposure to asynchronous virtual clinical environments on actual and perceived competence in drug dosage calculation problem-solving in nursing students.

Funding body: Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) Pat Griffin Nursing Education Research Scholar Award

Research team: Goldsworthy S, Sears K


Social prescribing, Allyship, and Community Engagement for Evolution of Health (SPACE for Health)

Funding body: Compassionate Communities Kingston Canada

Research teamEgan R & McGarity-Shipley E


 Tajigoltieg - We are Healthy: Enhancing food security and mental wellbeing programs to manage COVID-19 pandemic stressors in a remote Mi'kmaq community

Funding body: CIHR Operating Grant - Indigenous COVID-19 Rapid Research grand competition

Research team: John A, Liberda E, Sarkar A, Spence ND, Zuk A, Tsuji LJ, Wilton MJ.   


Identifying and mobilizing resources to promote early learning and childcare equity in London and Kingston Ontario: A community-based participatory GIS approach

Funding body: SSHRC Insight Development Fund

Research team: Kangmennaang J, Macdonald D, Luginaah I, Abada T, Kpienbaareh D, Kuuire V.  


Teaching and learning about birth & midwifery – Undergraduate nursing experiences with midwives in Ontario

Funding body: Queen's School of Nursing Research Development Fund

Research team: Macdonald M, Snelgrove-Clarke E, Papanicolaou A


Increasing adoption of HIV PrEP in suburban Ontario

Funding body: HIV EndGame program

Research team: Martinez-Cajas J, Guan H, Stoner B, Taylor D, Alvarado B, Wilson E, Purkey E, Camargo Plazas P, Perez Patrigeon S


Laying the groundwork for improved psychological preparedness and adaptation of Canadian nurses working during healthcare crises: Simulated training to improve resiliency of nursing groups (STRONG)

Funding body: CIHR Operating Grant Addressing the Wider Health Impacts of COVID-19

Research team: Menard AD, Freeman L, Luctkar-Flude M, Ralph J, Soucie K, Tyerman J, Rickeard D.


Using computer simulation to quantify nurse & healthcare aides’ workload, fatigue levels, and patient care quality, in complex continuing care settings

Funding body: CIHR Project Grant

Research team: Neumann P, Bookey-Bassett S, Purdy N, Woo K, Yung M, Kelly H.


Integrating evidence-based student wellness curriculum into undergraduate nursing: A scoping review

Funding body: QUFA Fund for Scholarly Research and Creative Work and Professional Development (Adjuncts)

Research team: Perry J, Goldie CL.


Power over pain: Implementation of a digital portal that provides Canadians with rapid access to stepped care resources for the management of pain, mental health and substance use across the lifespan

Funding body: Health Canada's Substance Use and Addictions Program

Research team: Poulin P, Wilson R, Liddy C, Furlan A, Duggan S, Bisson E, di Renna T, Bosma R.



Artificial intelligence for public health (AI4PH) training platform

Funding body: CIHR Training Grant: Health Research Training Platform - AI, Public Health and Equity

Research team: Anderson M, Buckeridge DL, Fan L, Lee J, Lix LM, Osgood ND, Rosella LC, Banack HR, Brook JR, Carabali JM, Chaiton MO, Di Ruggiero E, Dolatabadi E, Donnelly CA, Fisher SL, Fuller DL, Gibson J, Green ME, Guttmann A, Hardcastle L, Harish V, Janjua NZ, King NB, Kueper JK, Lizotte DJ, Manuel DG, McGrail KM, Mclaughlin JR, Mitani AA, Morgenstern JD, Ondrusek NK, Pagalan L, Quesnel-Vallée A, Risling TL, Saarela OS, Sanmartin C, Shaw JA, Siddiqi A, Stoner B, Sultan R, Tranmer JE, Wang B, Weichenthal SA, Williamson T


Increasing access to palliative care for advanced cancer patients from racialized communities of African and Latin American descent

Funding body: Canadian Cancer Society Accelerator grants

Research team: Santos Salas A, Abdel-Rahman Abdelsalam O, Alcalde Castro J, Campbell K, Camargo-Plazas P, Huang F, O’Rourke H, Salami B, Santana M, Turner J, Adewale B, Aghanya V, Bassah N, Vaughn L, Wildeman T, Sinnarajah A, Watanabe S, Atorbrhan G, Russon N.


Risk mapping patterns in community pharmacy error reporting: A scoping review

Funding body: CIHR SPOR Evidence Alliance research contract

Research teamSears K, Barker J, Rodgers J, Belbin S, Ross-White A, Godfrey C


An innovative technology-based approach to translating clinical practice guidelines of nutrition therapy in primary care: The cost, health, and effectiveness assessment of the portfolio diet in primary care (CHEAPP) program

Funding body: CIHR Project Grant

Research team: Sievenpiper JL, Jenkins DJA, Dr. Leiter LA, Agarwal P,  Beyene J, Booth G, Chan B, Chiavaroli L, Chow C, De Souza R, Farkouh M, Glenn A, Grant S, Greiver M, Isaranuwatchai W, Joy P, Jüni P, Kavanagh M, Kendall C, Khan T, Malik V, Salas-Salvadó J, Sherifali D, Snelgrove-Clarke E, Udell J, Vallis M, Watson W 


Educating primary care providers about sexual health disturbance in breast cancer survivorship care using virtual simulation: A feasibility study

Funding body: INACSL Debra Spunt Research Grants 

Research team: Silva A, Luctkar-Flude M


A case-based approach addressing knowledge and practice gaps for healthcare providers in pediatric, adolescent, and adult Aplastic Anemia

Funding body: Pfizer Inc. Global Medical Grants 

Research team: Soleas EK, Satkunam N, Wheaton L, Dyba J, Parulekar W, Sears K, Kushner A, Marlin S, Mulder J, Braund HLA, Dalgarno NJ, Stockley D, & van Wylick RC.  


Advancing Optimal Patient Care and Collaborative Practice Through a Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus (rAAV) Gene Therapy for Rare Disease.

Funding body: Pfizer Inc. Global Medical Grants

Research team: Soleas E, Sears K, Braund H, Dalgarno N, Stockley D, van Wylick R.




Implementing and evaluating the ELEVATE innovation: an IntegratEd heaLt carE innoVation to engAge older patienTs and familiEs within their home and community

Funding body: CIHR Catalyst Quadruple Aim and Equity

Research team: Tranmer J, Morrison K, Galica J, Donnelly C, Green M, Gazendam MK, Ma E.


Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Evidence Alliance

Funding body: CIHR Operating Grant: SPOR – Guidelines and Systematic Reviews - Extension and Renewal

Research team: Tricco A, Godfrey C, Luctkar-Flude M, Sears K, Snelgrove-Clarke E, Woo K et al.


Anti-Indigenous racism and cultural safety in maternal and child healthcare for Inuit: Perspectives from Arviat, Nunavut

Funding body: New Frontiers in Research Fund – Exploration

Research team: Vang Z, Snelgrove-Clarke E, Smith GN.


Lighting up undergraduate nursing and nurse practitioner student skills associated with donning and doffing Personal Protective Equipment: an interactive simulation.

Funding body: Robert Rider Memorial Fund.

Research team: Wilson R, Clarke D, Gedcke-Kerr L, Luctkar-Flude M, Perry J, Stephens L, Suurdt J.


Indigenous communities’ engagement towards creating harmony in cardiovascular, kidney and mental health promotion

Funding body: New Frontiers in Research Fund – Exploration

Research team: Zulkernine F, Alaca F, Elgazzar K, Neagu D, McCorry N, Barber D, Woo KSears, K.