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Queen's School of Nursing announces 2021-2022 strategic plan

thin circle around which the 5 strategic goals are written As a part of an ongoing mission to advance research scholarship and person-centred care, Queen’s School of Nursing is pleased to formally announce our 2021-2022 Strategic Plan. Launched in January 2021, the plan will guide the School of Nursing and Health Quality Programs’ priorities, key projects, and initiatives until June 2022. This will include the School’s 80th anniversary celebrations, which will begin this Fall, with Queen’s Homecoming events. In addition to collaborating on the development of this framework, Nursing faculty, staff, and learners are engaging in the ongoing Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) strategic planning process, which is expected to be finalized and endorsed by FHS leadership in September.

"With the launch our new strategic plan this year, we look forward to achieving greatness in scholarship, care and practice,” says Dr. Erna Snelgrove-Clarke, Director of the School of Nursing and Vice-Dean of FHS. “I’m excited to embark on this new chapter. A person-centred focus on innovative, high quality education and research will help us achieve our five strategic goals”

The plan’s development process began with a series of Nursing and Health Quality pollination sessions in August 2020, culminating in a final decision to concentrate on advancing the following areas of strategic focus:

  • Ensuring equitable and inclusive policies, processes, and curricula
  • Enhancing research prominence and engagement
  • Providing excellent education and clinical practice opportunities
  • Supporting innovation and creativity
  • Nurturing a healthy and inclusive community

To learn more about the FHS planning process, please visit their strategic plan website here.