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Clinical Placement Requirements

All students will have clinical practice hours. Every undergraduate nursing student has learning opportunities in maternity, childrens’ health, mental health, medical/surgical and community clinical settings throughout their time in the program. The majority of the practice environments are within walking distance or on the bus route. 

The BNSc program has partnered with Concise Health Solutions to review the mandatory clinical placement requirements for Queen's nursing students. The deadline to fulfill these requirements is August 1. If your documents are completed prior to August 1, you may book an appointment at any time on the Concise Health Solutions website. The cost of clearance review online appointment is $48.00.

Please Note: Incoming students will receive a welcome email from the School of Nursing by the end of June, which will contain all further details. This email will be sent to your Queen's email address. Please refer to your specific year's checklist to confirm that you have completed all the required documents, listed under "clearance review" on the Concise Health Solutions 'Queen's University students' page.

If you have any questions regarding immunization protocols or clearance review please email

You can review Queen's Schoool of Nursing's statement on student accommodations here.

Placement Requirements Checklist

Our immunization policy and our immunization form can be found on our Immunization Requirements page. It is recommended that incoming students begin completing these requirements as early as possible, uploading through Concise Health Solutions to confirm requirements.

Immunizations requirements must to be confirmed through Concise Health Solutions.

Queen's School of Nursing does not keep immunization records. Students are expected to retain documentation of their immunization history, and be prepared to show their documentation to agencies upon request.

Please note: Novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination is required for clinical teaching activities and clinical placements. Learners should follow NACI recommendations on the use of COVID-19 vaccines. Learners who choose not to have COVID-19 vaccination should know that university and hospital policies may preclude them from clinical teaching and/or clinical placements that are curricular requirements.


Standard First Aid and BLS CPR are required. BLS CPS certification must be maintained annually (re-certification each year). Standard First Aid is not required to be renewed after first year.

These certifications must be completed in-person, not online or in a blended online format.

Training modules are due August 1 for incoming nursing students (both AST and 4-year BNSc). Environmental health and safety training is mandated under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This will be completed online and consists of four modules and a final quiz. Further information will follow which will include instructions and links to complete this training.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Training: This training is a one-time mandatory requirement. Training is completed online and consists of the three modules; Accessible Customer Service, Human Rights 101 and Access Forward. After completing each module, you will receive an email confirmation, please keep this record as proof.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Training: All students are required to complete Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training. This training is an annual mandatory requirement for placements within many of our clinical placement facilities. WHMIS training will be completed through an online module. 

In accordance with partner sites’ policies, all students will be required to complete NVCI training and maintain their certification throughout the duration of their studies. Certification is valid for two years. All first-year students must complete the training (AST in the fall term, BNSc-4 year in the winter term). The training follows the curriculum outlined by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). The focus will be on the preventing and defusing situations in clinical settings.

Students will receive and email from the Clinical Placement Coordinator with further information.

Students will be required to pay for the course via the School of Nursing online store. Students who do not pay for their course material or who are absent from the provided training, will be required to access training through a publicly available source (e.g. the CPI, a community college or community organization) at their expense.

In the event a student has previously completed NVCI training, the student will be required to provide proof of certification to the School of Nursing Clinical Placement Coordinator. A student with a valid certification should note that recertification will be required every two years and will only be offered by the School of Nursing at designated times during the academic year.

Training can be purchased through our online store.

All Queen's BNSc students must provide evidence of a criminal record check (Canadian Police Information Centre - CPIC), including vulnerable sector screening (VSS). This is required before students are permitted to enroll in the program, for placement clearance requirements. 

There are some placement agencies who require a CPIC/VSS from within the last three months, so you may be asked to renew this during the school year also. All costs are the responsibility of the student. Please apply well in advance of the required date.

Students entering fourth year will be required to get a new Criminal Record Check prior to entering their fourth year practicums. Be prepared to repeat more frequently if asked by an agency.

If you have a criminal record, please discuss your situation with the Associate Director, Undergraduate Nursing Programs, as it may affect your ability to complete the Bachelor of Nursing Science program, and your eligibility to register with the College of Nurses of Ontario or an equivalent regulatory body.

The School of Nursing does not keep criminal record checks on file. Students must keep their original documentation in case they are required to present it. 

Students are required to purchase a name pin and a mask fit.

A requirement for all clinical placements, N95 mask fit testing will be provided on campus the first week of September. Students must upload their N95 mask fit certificate as soon as the test has been completed. There is no charge to upload the certificate onto Concise Health Solutions secure site. Choose "Queen’s University Nursing Program Mask Fit Certificate Upload."

Name pins will be ordered and you will receive an email to pick up when it is ready. Students will be notified of additional equipment requirements once the term has begun, and will be able to purchase them at that time. 

Name pins and mask fits can be purchased through our online store.