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Dr. Joan Almost PhD, RN
Dr. Joan  Almost
Associate Professor
Contact Information
613-533-6000 ext.74748

Graduate Student Supervision

I am currently accepting MNSc and PhD students in the area of practice environments and health care quality using quantitative methods.


My scholarly teaching is grounded within the philosophy and science of nursing and has developed from my 10 years of clinical, 16 years of teaching, and 17 years of research experience. Through integrating adult learning principals with scientific knowledge and firsthand experience, I strive to create a positive and meaningful learning environment that enhances knowledge exchange with students. Areas of teaching expertise include leadership and management, policy, and research methods.


The overarching purpose of my program of research is to: 1) develop robust knowledge on practice environments and work relationships; and, 2) systematically develop and evaluate interventions using the best available evidence tailored to healthcare settings to improve practice environments, work relationships, and patient/provider/organization outcomes. I have conducted extensive work in the area of conflict among nurses, and am completing a scoping review on the positive and negative behaviours in workplace relationships (CIHR Knowledge Synthesis Grant). Most recently, I received funding from the Ontario Ministry of Labour to conduct a longitudinal project examining a proactive approach to assessing occupational health and safety processes and subsequently promoting a health and safety culture.  My projects fall under the Queen’s Nursing and Health Research clusters of Practice Environments and Health Care Quality.


For publications, please click here.