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Kristen Bolton MSc, RN
 Kristen  Bolton
Contact Information
613-533-6000 x79131

Graduate Student Supervision

I am not currently accepting graduate students.


I began teaching for Queens in 2009 and joined the Faculty full time in 2015. Currently I teach in the Undergraduate Nursing Program throughout all the years. I teach the NURS 403 theory course, Concepts of Acute and Critical Illness in the fall term. I coordinate the acute care clinical course for second year students. I also teach in the clinical and lab settings. I serve as a faculty advisor for students throughout their Integrated Nursing Practicum.

My background and passion lie in acute care/critical care medical-surgical nursing. I strongly feel that my role is to introduce and give students a sense of salience in the clinical setting. I am there to help them learn and know what to focus on in a sea of information. In the undergraduate program, we teach our students best practice and the ideal way of nursing. As an instructor, it is my job to then help the students be flexible in the clinical setting while upholding a high standard of excellence.


  • Member of the Undergraduate Admissions Committee
  • Member of the Student Appeal Board – Faculty of Health Sciences


My Master of Science research focused on, “The Effects of an Online Education Program on Self-efficacy and Knowledge of the Clinical Teacher Role: A Study with Nursing Clinical Instructors.”