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Graduate Nursing Indigenous Applicants

If you are an Indigenous prospective student and wish for your application to one of our graduate nursing programs to be considered under the Queen's School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs Indigenous Student Admission Regulation, you must self-identify as Indigenous upon application for admission. For the purposes of this regulation, Indigenous is defined as First Nation, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI).

Queen’s University welcomes and encourages inquiries and applications for all graduate programs from Indigenous candidates. Indigenous candidates’ academic, cultural, personal, and professional background and other factors indicative of capacity for graduate level study and research will be considered and evaluated accordingly on an individual basis by our admissions adjudication committee.

The School of Nursing recognizes the importance of increasing the number of graduate-prepared Indigenous nurses in Canada. In order to aid members of the Indigenous community in their pursuit of graduate education, Queen’s School of Nursing encourages Indigenous candidates to contact the Associate Director (Graduate Nursing Programs) prior to applying.

Students offered admission are encouraged to make use of the academic advising and academic support services available to all students at Queen’s University. Further information regarding funding and resources can be found by visiting the links below

The Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre (4D) is open and committed to being of service to Indigenous students at Queen's University

Visit their website to learn more. (

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