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2022 Nursing & Health Quality Research Year in Review



Queen's Nursing & Health Quality
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Research Snapshots

Learn how our researchers are building a more inclusive, healthier tomorrow around the globe

Listening to student voices

Collaborating with the University of Gondar to work support Ethiopian students with disabilities and facilitate successful transitions to higher education.

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Navigating the graduate research landscape

Research funding application tip and tricks from doctoral nursing students

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The nursing games

It’s not all just fun and games—virtual gaming is helping reimagine nursing education and preparing students to face their future patients in critical situations.

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Headlines & Keynotes

From media interviews to expert presentations, here's a look at how some of our researchers stole the spotlight this year

Sharing the Humanity of Birth

"Birth experiences have lasting impact because they're shaped by people, and we revisit them in our memories."

Dr. Danielle Macdonald's sheds light on the often overlooked collaboration between nurses and midwives and reminds of the power of person-centered care.

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The gift of a better death

“You might think palliative care is only for cancer patients, only at the end of life, and only when treatments have been unsuccessful or stopped. None of this is true.”

Dr. Katie Goldie is measuring the delivery performance of palliative care to create a more dignified end-of-life experience.

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Moving Health Care Upstream

"When it comes to social prescribing we need a wel- stocked community, I liken it to having a well-stocked pharmacy."

Health Quality PhD student Caitlin Muhl discusses her research on defining social prescribing and exploring the impact on children and youth.

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Postpartum Sexual Health

“It’s not necessarily a linear path to feeling ready for sex. And it’s also more than just the physical pieces; it can be emotional, mental, relational.”

Queen's Nursing PHCNP student and researcher Dr. Rachel Ollivier spoke to CTV's The Social to discuss sexual health after giving birth.

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